A lucky chimney sweep will make your wedding day special.

Chi,mney Sweep Service in North Devon

Sweeping the bride off her feet is one thing… but a lucky chimney sweep will add extra flair to your special day!

If you are looking for something unusual and creative for your wedding, booking a lucky chimney sweep is a (brush) stroke of genius.

Tradition of old has it that to see a chimney sweep on your wedding day is considered to be a sign of good luck. Why not uphold this wonderful folklore by inviting Pascal to come along to attend this happy occasion? Your guests will love the special touch – especially if it’s a surprise. Imagine the excitement this will cause amongst wedding guests.

Pascal is a very dapper chimney sweep. He’ll be dressed immaculately in traditional chimney sweep attire of top hat and neckerchief, carrying a cane rod and bristly brush. A sooty face completes the costume. He can arrive at the church or venue at any time to suit you. Visits are usually arranged to greet the bride and groom as they are coming out of their ceremony.

Looking for an unusual wedding gift?

If you don’t know what to buy for a wedding present why not book the happy couple a lucky chimney sweep? The photos (and the luck) will last for eternity.

What does a lucky chimney sweep do?

After congratulating the newlyweds the custom of the shaking the groom’s hand is then performed, after which Pascal will have a ‘lucky kiss’ for the bride, bestowing good fortune on their marriage. Pascal will gladly pose for photographs (don’t worry, no soot will touch the dress!) for you to capture this glorious occasion. A special personalised scroll message is then presented to the happy couple along with a souvenir gift to treasure as a reminder of the happy day.

To hire Pascal as a lucky chimney sweep is valued at £150. That’s based on attendance of three hours. If you would like him to stay longer that can be arranged for £50 per hour.

A lucky chimney sweep will make any wedding extra special!

If you would like to discover more about this good luck tradition and are interested in hiring Pascal as your lucky chimney sweep then please do call us. Or feel free to use our enquiry form. Due to high demand with the chimney sweeping, we do get booked up very quickly so we would recommend allowing up to 8 week’s notice for hiring Pascal as your lucky chimney sweep.

Our number is 01237 473457, office hours are Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm.

Please leave a message if we are out on site. We do pride ourselves on being responsive and we will return your call.

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The Story of The Lucky Chimney Sweep

To see a chimney sweep on your wedding day is a sign of good luck. This long held tradition dates back 200 years when King George III was riding his horse in a royal procession. A stray dog began nipping the horse’s legs. Without warning, the horse reared up and lost control. The crowd looked on in horror. Out of the blue a fearless chimney sweep appeared and regained control of the horse, thus saving the King’s life. As quickly as he had arrived, the humble chimney sweep vanished again.

After the procession the King was so thankful for the bravery of this chimney sweep. Unable to thank the sweep personally, the King decreed that from that day onwards all chimney sweeps would be bearers of good luck. Later, King George’s youngest daughter was to be married. The King sent for the chimney sweep who had saved him as he believed this would bring his daughter good luck and happiness in her marriage.

So the folklore was established and to this day chimney sweeps are still invited to attend special events to ensure good luck.