Preparing for your Chimney Sweep

Here are a few preparations you can do prior to having your chimney swept. We hope you will find these guidelines useful.

• Please ensure that the fire / appliance to be swept have not been lit for at least 12 hours. All Agas, Rayburns and other appliances must be switched off at least 12 hours in advance. This allows the chimney to cool down enough for it to be safely swept. *If we are unable to sweep if the appliance is still lit this may incur a call out charge.

• Please advise prior to appointment if there are any parking restrictions to the property. Where possible, please arrange for any parking permits if your street requires one, to enable the sweep to gain immediate access to your property.

• Please advise prior to appointment if there are any access restrictions to the property.

• Remove all ash where possible. Please bear in mind that the sweep is not authorised to remove or dispose of any waste occurred from sweeping.

• Allow an unobstructed walkway from the entrance door to the appliance / fire to be swept.

• Ensure there is adequate space for working within the fireplace vicinity. Your chimney is swept using the traditional brush and rod system. An industrial specifically designed BVC vacuum is used alongside this process to extract soot, dust and debris. This equipment requires space for manoeuvre.

• The entrance to your chimney is sealed off and dust sheets and covers are provided. However, we recommend that the householder removes any precious items / ornaments within the vicinity.

• Do feel free to cover soft furnishings and carpets for extra peace of mind.

• Curious pets and children should be kept away from the vicinity for safety. On a traditional note, your children may like to go outside to see the top of the sweep’s brush poking out from the top of the chimney as this is considered good luck.

Our number is 01237 473457, office hours are Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm. Closed Saturday, Sundays and Bank Holidays.
Best regards, Pascal Olivier and Razale Scott Olivier