Payment for all services is due on completion of work.

We reserve the right to withhold chimney sweeping certificates until payment has been made in full.

A statutory interest rate of 8% will be added for each overdue business transaction payment. An admin fee of £10 will be added for each account reminder, duplicate invoice, or any other paperwork, correspondence or phone calls involved with the pursual of a debt. This fee is non-refundable, and represents the additional time spent pursuing overdue invoices.

Late cancellations within less than 24 hours’ notice will incur a charge of £30. Exceptional circumstances are exempt.

Whereby an appointment has been booked and the sweep is unable to gain access to the property due to non attendance or no entry instruction provided, a call out charge of £30 will apply.

If the sweep deems the appliance / chimney to be unsafe in accordance to the Health & Safety Act 1974 and does not proceed to sweep the chimney, a rate of £30 will apply. This fee covers the maintenance inspection, assessment, call out charge and admin work involved. Issues will be recorded on your HETAS approved certificate.

Please refer to our Rates page for further information on our rates

It is the householder’s responsibility to move or protect any valuables, furniture or carpet whilst the chimneys are being swept.

The Sweep Is Not Authorized To Remove Or Dispose Of Any Waste Occurred From Sweeping.

Whilst we offer a courtesy reminder service, notifying you of when your chimney is due to be swept, the householder/landlord is responsible to ensure that the chimney is swept often enough: To maintain the stack, flue, appliance and all attachments, cowls, aerials, etc., in good and safe condition; And to inform the sweep of any change of use, alteration, or anything that may effect the sweeping process, or the sweep’s safety.

Your sweep can only use his/her judgement and experience during sweeping to advise on the condition of your chimney or appliance. Chimneys are affected by weather, the way they are used and kept and many other factors not known to your sweep.

The sweep shall not be held responsible for any unsuitable, inappropriate, damaged, loose, worn or weakened part of the appliance, flue, chimney or any subsequent damage caused by loosening or falling of any such item.

Regular Sweeping is important for whatever type of fuel is used. Please refer to our Chimney Sweeping Frequency Guide

The recommended frequency of sweeping, for all types of application, is at least once per burning season during normal use. If wood and/or house coal is used, the chimney may need sweeping more often. Tarry Chimneys present a higher risk of chimney fires, as tar can not always be detected or totally removed by regular sweeping. Loose Liner will continue to fall from older chimneys and sweeping will not alter this. Serious cases will need relining.

Whilst we offer a courtesy reminder service, it is the householder / owner’s responsibility to ensure the chimney is swept regularly and in accordance to your insurance requirements and industry recommendations.